Top 5 luxury accessories in USA

Despite the high variety of products, the demand for Luxury and Vip accessories is continuously growing. It is especially highlighted in the US, where people put enormous importance on the quality and standard of living, in terms of leading a luxurious lifestyle. So, the question remains: what are the top 5 luxury accessories in the USA?


  1. Let’s start our list of the top 5 VIP accessories with a VIP phone number. Thanks to the widespread use of cell phones, our phones are with us almost 24/7. A huge portion of human communication is organized through phone calls. In this regard, when thinking of a person, we automatically look for their phone number: it is an inseparable part of our self-being. So, the phone number tells a lot about us, our lifestyle and social level. Therefore, the demand for luxury phone numbers in the United States is permanently growing up.
Furthermore, a vanity phone number is a luxury accessory not only for a personality but also an outstanding and fascinating accessory for a business. Do you imagine a trustworthy business that doesn’t own an impressive mobile number? Surely, no. Actually, it is proven that the companies that have luxury numbers are perceived as:
- Professional,
- Trustworthy,
- Responsible,
- Detail-oriented…

If you are a person who also values exclusiveness, is inspired by small, yet unique and essential luxury details, then let’s reveal VIP Numbers Family. The VIP numbers the company suggests are meant to impress, amaze and introduce you without even a word. The brand is for those who value professionalism and a VIP lifestyle and aspire to achieve perfection in every sphere. It delivers 3 collections of VIP numbers: Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. If you want to impress with your mobile number, then hurry up to discover the incredible collections.

  1. The history-making reputative Rolex luxury brand of watches has devoted itself to the philosophy of perpetuity. “Perpetual. For nearly a century, the word has been written on every Rolex Oyster watch. But perpetual is more than a word: it is a philosophy: an unceasing quest for excellence, to explore and to share human knowledge to build a better world”.

The brand’s philosophy hinges on a fundamental belief that human potential is limitless, improvements are continuous and boundaries should always be pushed to take the long-term view. The Rolex luxury brand of watches is built to last. It is created to guide, not decorate. Rolex is a symbol of luxury lifestyle, uniqueness, and strength. Each detail is thoroughly crafted to gently highlight your personality and impressive spirit.

Rolex is a brand of luxuries that always reminds you who you are and underlines your peculiarities. It is for those who devote themselves to the endless path of imperfection because the brand is about continuous improvements in itself to be the perpetual game changer in this sphere. So, it is for strong personalities who never cease to be stronger and stronger.

Rolex watches are among the top 5 VIP accessories in the USA. The demand for the brand is continuously growing. If you are interested in the brand here is a link to discover it further.


  1. “Car license plate – make the car unique”. This slogan probably best describes the functionality and importance of this luxury accessory. It is a detail that decorates the car. It is obvious that the better the license plate, the more beautiful the car would be. Therefore, in the US owning a car is a necessity and having a good number is what people generally pay attention to.

In addition to decorating the car itself, the luxury and memorable car license plate also characterizes a person. It tells a lot of details, like:

- Does he/she lead a luxurious lifestyle?
- Are details important?
- What social class does he/she belong to?
- Is he/she a realist or maybe a perfectionist?

Consequently, in a century when each day is full of new inventions, the car license plate as a luxury accessory continues to be in the top 5 in the USA.


  1. Ray-Ban luxury brand of sunglasses historically has been and is successfully continuing to be one of the leading brands in the sphere of frames and lenses. As the brand describes itself: “Ray-Ban is a leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations providing timeless style, authenticity and premium lenses, and frames”.

The journey of Ray-Ban is pretty impressive. It is an American-Italian brand that encompasses a mixture of the two different cultures and peculiarities. The first prototype of sunglasses, known as “Anti-Glare” was created in 1936, with an aim to reduce the distractions for pilots from the fog that would cause reduction of visibility at high altitudes. Hence, the brand got its name from the ability to hinder the penetration of ultraviolet or infra-red rays of light.

Ray-Ban has several sunglasses and eyeglasses collections both for women and men. It is noteworthy that all the collections thereof, that stand apart from each other with their unique style, are supposed to be doomed to success. The simplicity of design and high quality of glasses lie under the genuine projects of Ray-Ban. So, today it enjoys its honor and fame of being in the top eyewear accessories that are highly recommended among US people.

We can surely confirm that the brand is for those who are style-conscious, independent, and value the power of their identity. Ray-Ban is a premium brand that gets its motivation mainly through simplicity and confidence and is meant to motivate people to value the most important details in the product.


  1. The final VIP accessory that is in the top 5 in the USA is definitely about wallets. They are a necessity of today. Every step entails financial transactions that require wallets. So, we are dealing with them very frequently. The better your wallet, the better your standard of living is. Nowadays, wallets present a lot of information about its user.

Undoubtedly, luxury brands of wallets are in a steady growing stage. However, they all have the same problem of readily getting lost. The willingness to find a solution to this problem triggered the new brand of wallets to be created.

Volterman – You Never Lose. The slogan perfectly presents the very essence of its products. So, Volterman was founded with the rebellious idea of creating a smart wallet - a wallet that you can never lose. Moreover, if you are concerned about not only your cash but also about your cards then Volterman VIP accessories are here to help you.

The functionality of the wallets is very impressive. Not less important is the design thereof. The brand suggests a number of types of wallets, like Bifold, Travel wallet, Zipper travel wallet, Cardholder, etc. So, both the variety of design and functionality make the brand unique and highly enjoyed in the USA.