What are the most prestigious and popular area codes in US and what associations do they create?

What are the most prestigious and popular area codes in the US and what associations do they create?  


It is estimated that there are 317 geographic area codes in the USA. Despite the high variety of area codes, there are some that symbolize the city or a specific region. For example, when you get a call from a “212” phone number, you immediately know that the call was from New York. In addition to the mere geographic identification, you would also make “associations” between the “212” area code and the caller. When getting “212” calls, you can easily realize you were called from the “Big Apple” – the center of finance, fashion, and a variety of other industries. So, the phone’s area codes tell significant information to anyone you call: where do you live, even what is your social status and occupation?

For these reasons, people are ready to pay a lot to obtain prestigious and popular area codes for their phone numbers. All of them pursue the aim to convey the exact information about their social life and not only to everyone they call. In this respect, business partners and clients are of utmost importance.

Gaining the exact area code specific to the city of operation is what businesses strive for. It most importantly specifies the geographic location of the business and, depending on the prestigious area code it possesses, clients can have an idea about how strong and trustworthy the business is. For instance, the 310-area code, which originated in 1991 and covers 23 cities in California, is highly demanded, but rare. Being one of the first area codes of phone numbers in this state, it enjoys high popularity and fame. Later on, a number of other area codes, like 424, 562, and 805 were released to properly cover the whole state. However, being known as an “original area code” is what comes with high value. Thus, despite the high variety of area codes existing in California, people are willing to pay a lot just to get 310 area code VIP phone numbers for their businesses.

Here an important question arises: “How can I buy a fancy phone number with a proper and prestigious area code?”. VIP Numbers Family suggests a wide range of options for numerous US area codes. Living in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, or Miami, you can easily obtain your preferred phone number with just one click. Get your fancy and memorable phone number from the list.


When did area codes emerge? The evolution of the Area Code

Area codes have their worth remembering history in the USA. Actually, the official rollout of area codes was in the mid-20th century. So, at that time due to rapidly expanding telephone networks, Bell System presented a new way of dialing the phone. Until then, generally, it was human operators who had directed calls to their corresponding destinations.  

Phone numbers were not introduced with numbers: instead, they were alphanumeric addresses, corresponding to their specific geographic areas. Later on, however, phone numbers started to be presented in a numeric form.


Top 15 most popular and highly demanded area codes of phone numbers in the USA


1. New York City (New York)  – 718 area code 

New York City is famous as the very heart of the US and the world. In a word, the city is the Big Apple. 718 area code is one of the most popular and prestigious area codes in New York. It covers the majority of the city. New York is associated with a wide range of industries – finance, fashion, politics, sports, etc. So, earning 718 area code would make you connected with the city with all of its associations. It is of crucial importance for your personal and, most importantly, business life.

Undoubtedly, 212 is a famous area code in the city as well. However, it is very old and rare. So, it is really hard to get a reliable and trusty source to get a 212-area code for your phone number.


2/ 3. Los Angeles (California) – 310 area code, Hollywood (California) – 818 area code 

In Los Angeles, 310 area code is extremely demanding and prestigious. Thus, it is really tough to acquire one. As it is widely known Los Angeles is one of the most trend-setting cities in the world. In addition, LA is the home of Hollywood. For these reasons, a lot of people are keen on identifying themselves with Southern Californian life. It is highly suggested to visit vipnumbersfamily.com to get your VIP 310 and 818 area code phone numbers.


4. Chicago (Illinois) – 331 area code 

Chicago is another booming American metropolis with more than 8,9mln population. Here 331 area code numbers are readily connected with the city. So, when calling with a 331 phone number you would immediately give a message to people that you are part of the big city.


5/ 6/ 7. Washington (District of Columbia)  – 253 area code, 360 area code, 509 area code 

Washington D.C. is the governmental city of the United States and if you want to be identified as a government official or aspire to find work inside the capital city, then you need to have one of these area codes:

  • 253 area code – Tacoma city,
  • 360 area code – Western Washington,
  • 509 area code – Eastern Washington.

Did you get political aspiration? Hurry up to obtain one of the area codes.


8. San Francisco (California) – 415 area code

San Francisco is mainly associated with the tech boom that made this city and Silicon Valley very trendy areas to live in. A number of tech pioneers like Apple, Tesla and Google are located in this city. So, owning 415 area code and getting associated with the city would make a significant difference, if you aspire to work in the tech sphere.


9. Houston (Texas) – 346 area code

Houston – the most populous city in Texas state, fourth most populous in the United States and, undoubtedly, most populous city in Southern America. The leading industries of the city include trade, professional and business services. The 346 area code is strictly associated with Houston. Don’t you think that you would readily get a job through the fancy phone number (346) 440-0040?


10. Austin (Texas) – 737 area code

Austin (Texas) is the capital city of the USA's largest state. Recently the city has been growing at a significant pace. Austin is well known for its eclectic music and famous Austin film festival. Moreover, Texas is a headquarter for a number of burgeoning startups. Thus, 737 area code is a worthy number, given its associations with the city.


11/ 12/ 13. Boston (Massachusetts) – 339 area code, 351 area code, 434 area code

Boston was founded in 1630, and is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the United States. Boston was one of the headquarters of the big American Revolution. The city is expressed with rich historical and cultural heritage. Furthermore, back then Boston was a shipping port, upon which it prospered and became an important economic hub. Boston is the very heart of science and education of the country, as it encompasses a number of prestigious universities, like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Tufts, Northeastern, Emerson, and plenty more. So, Bostonians have a lot of local pride. If you want to deliver your business in Boston or just move here for living, hurry up to obtain one of the leading area codes: 339, 351 or 434 area code.


14/ 15. Miami (Florida) – 786 area code, 305 area code

Miami is known for its unprecedented beaches, luxurious resorts and booming real estate economy. Miami is a worldwide known travel and vacation destination. Obviously, high tourism is connected with increasing economic opportunities. To take advantage of these opportunities, you can market yourself as a local through Miami area code 786.

Previously, the 305 area code was very famous in this city. However, as the code is already fully assigned, 786 area code is the best option. 



Owning a prestigious area code is of crucial importance when it comes to conducting a business or, even for simply expressing a high social status. 

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