Why should you buy a vanity phone number for your business?

Vanity numbers are the easiest fancy phone numbers to recall and are vital for business success.

In a fast-growing world, it is of utmost importance to consider essential elements and be detail-oriented at large. Whether owning a small business, a large corporation, or launching a new start-up, you should necessarily think about what phone number should you get? A good phone number for a business is an incredible marketing technique that would boost your brand awareness and contribute to your success. So, the main question remains: what is a fancy, memorable and exclusive phone number? When you need a dentist, which number would you recall? (818) TOP-DENT or (424) 600-5511. The answer is obvious.

So, the whole glory of this vanity number is not only that it is nicer to look at, but most importantly, it is easier to recall. We have a valuable statistic from this field: when having a vanity number, the call volume of the business increases by 57%.

So, in general, vanity numbers are memorable, identify the product or the offered service, and as a final consequence, they boost sales. Here are some essential factual statistics that are important to know:

  • When seeing an advertisement, 72% of people correctly recall vanity numbers, while the recall rate for numeric ones is just 5%,
  • Given this notable difference, in terms of recall rates, people 3 to 4 times prefer to contact a business that has vanity numbers,
  • 58% of people prefer vanity numbers over numeric ones when confronted with advertisements. The reason is evident: vanity numbers are easy to remember,
  • Online advertisements that include vanity numbers outperform the ones with generic numbers by 33%.


What are the benefits of vanity numbers for your business?

  • People will easily remember your business – when starting a new business, it would be substantially easy with a vanity number. When you need to get medical treatment, would you refer to the hospital with a number (818) 7-HEALTH or (747) 441-1010?
  • Brand awareness would dramatically increase – the main method to getting contact with your business is through a phone number. In this context, the fancier and more memorable the number is, the more people would know it, purchase the product or service it offers, and recommend it to others,
  • The brand would be perceived as trustworthy and credible – when people encounter a business that has a vanity number, they automatically think of it as being detail-oriented, professional, and authoritative. People generally expect high quality from it, thus are more inclined to choose that exact brand,
  • Vanity number - as a good marketing technique – the best advertising shouldn’t look like advertising. Just imagine putting your phone number on an online platform. It would readily convey what your business does and how they can contact you, while no one would relate to it as an advertising tool,
  • Vanity numbers are directly connected with increased sales – all these above-mentioned vanity fancy number advantages result in boosting sales.


Are you ready to make your business successful?

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